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Launched in 2011, the Farhang Fine Arts Council is dedicated to the promotion of Iranian art and culture for the benefit of the community at large.  We strive to further Farhang Foundation’s mission by creating a platform to showcase and celebrate Iranian art and artists.

The Farhang Fine Arts Council embodies Farhang Foundation's mission of celebrating and promoting Iranian art and culture for the benefit of the community at large and is committed to promote Iranian art and artists through collaboration with museums, universities, academic and artistic institutions.
The Farhang Fine Arts Council is comprised of diverse members of our community who share Farhang’s vision, with an emphasis on Iranian fine arts.  These include various visual arts, such as paintings, sculptures, collages, installations, calligraphy, architecture, photography, conceptual art, textile, printmaking and more.


Freedom: A Shared Dream

Focus Iran

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Questions: Amir Angha – Council Chair Amirali@farhang.org

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