Farhang Foundation fundraising in support of the Persepolis Tablet Project of Professor Matthew Stolper at the University of Chicago

On May 16, 2009, a private gathering hosted by members of the Farhang Foundation’s board of trustees, was attended by a number of enthusiasts in history and culture of ancient Iran, to raise funds to support Prof. Stolper’s efforts to preserve the contents the Persepolis Tablets.

Dr. Matthew Stolper, professor of Oriental Studies at the University of Chicago attended this gathering in Los Angeles to present a lecture on the utmost significance of these tablets. These documents written in cuneiform were found at Persepolis in the 1930s and are dated to the time of the Darius the Great and his son Xerxes. The integrity of such an important body of evidence has been threatened by a recent lawsuit.

The fundraising event organized by the Farhang Foundation is a contribution to the preservation and ongoing study of these important documents of ancient Iran.

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